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Furniture manufacturer saves 2 hours per day by improving veneer bonding process

A recent success case shows our our technical support enabled a furniture manufacturer to save 2 hours per day by improving veneer bonding process

A well-known furniture manufacturer contacted Ureka to undertake a review of their veneer bonding process. The challenge given to Ureka was to speed up their process as the manufacturer felt that their staff were spending too much time waiting for curing to take place, and cleaning down machinery after adhesive application. They were already using a urea formaldehyde resin adhesive system from a different supplier. Needless to say, the users were desperate to change to the new veneer adhesive system! Once they had used their existing adhesive up, the customer changed to the new system. The review from start to changeover completion was less than 4 weeks! Another very happy customer.

Ureka’s technical consultant, Richard Nunn, arranged for a full trial to take place using Prefere 4114 urea formaldehyde resin adhesive (UF) with the Prefere 5278 liquid hardener. This adhesive system gives an “all day” pot life, can bond very quickly at elevated press temperatures, and is easy to clean down.

The results achieved during the trial stunned the manufacturer and surpassed their expectations. The specific benefits they received from Prefere 4114 and 5278 were;

  • Quick and easy to mix adhesive system in comparison to incumbent product
  • Liquid hardener instead of powder hardener meaning less mess and improved operator comfort
  • Significantly longer pot life meaning fewer machinery clean down processes per day
  • Easy machinery clean down. Cleaning of machines reduced from 20 minutes per session to 8 minutes per