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We make it easy for merchants in the construction sector to sell our products – and to make a profit.

Using bespoke formulations or off-the-shelf products we take sticky problems from all kinds of industries, and we solve them. This specialist problem solving is made possible by our unparalleled knowledge and experience of product and sector.


Become a reseller of our newly acquired brand Cascamite. As an established brand with a proven track record, it is highly sought after by wood workers nationally.

Cascamite as a brand has a legacy of quality and a commitment to providing value to its user. From its origins dating back to the 1930s Cascamite has consistently delivered a lasting bond.

Purpose and benefits

Purpose and benefits are shown very clearly on the packaging, so that customers can quickly and easily find exactly the right product for the job. So if it’s used for sticking wood, works in the wet, or cures quickly, it will say so on the product.

Ease of ordering and realistic quantities make life easier.

not just about product

We’re not just about product, we are also about service, and our resellers and customers get the very best. Strong POS, online support, webchat and rebates ensure a range of on-going support. Ease of ordering and realistic quantities make life easier. And our distinctive brand presence is eye-catching and engaging.
UREKA. Solving sticky problems.

Point of sale

Our distinctive brand is reflected in our eye-catching POS, which is designed to quickly engage customers, facilitate brand recognition, and encourage the up-take of product. POS includes: Stand alone product displays; Counter-top stands; Posters; Banners.

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