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Adhesive Audit

Our report will clearly outline how greater efficiencies and cost savings could be achieved.

Time equals money

With time being the largest cost factor of any modern production line, ensuring adhesive application is not a bottleneck becomes vital in an increasingly competitive market place. Time equals money, and every penny saved will either increase competitiveness or go straight to the manufacturer’s bottom line.

maximising efficiency

Manufacturing companies need to monitor and analyse every section of their production line to ensure they are maximising efficiency. But with 100s of adhesive types available, production and operation managers are faced with a whole raft of different options — without having the expertise or experience to know which is going to work best for them.

Full production line audit

The extensive knowledge we gain from our consultancy and ongoing technical product development is poured into our highly effective house of adhesive brands. So, we are able to offer businesses simple solutions to even complex problems; increasing performance and effectiveness, without compromising quality.