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Adhesive Training

Application methods and techniques are crucial to the success of any adhesive bond. Get it wrong and you will pay the price. Our training ensures you get it right.

key to the success

Along with correct surface preparation, application methods and techniques are key to the success of any adhesive bond. Get any one of these elements wrong and production costs and efficiency can take a big hit.

spectrum of adhesive technologies

At Ureka, we offer a whole spectrum of adhesive technologies. This is not usual in our industry, where most manufacturers deal in just a handful of adhesive types. As a result, we can take a more consultative approach that delivers the right solution — rather than just recommending the best from a limited bunch. Our approach can see significant and immediate improvements in production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

simple solutions

The extensive knowledge we gain from our consultancy and ongoing technical product development is poured into our highly effective house of adhesive brands. So, we are able to offer businesses simple solutions to even complex problems; increasing performance and effectiveness, without compromising quality.


UREKA. Solving sticky problems.