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Firstly, we will visit your site and talk to the key personnel involved in the process to find out what you are doing now and to identify what your objectives are, i.e. increase speed, improve bond strength, etc. We will audit your line which will help us highlight any potential areas for improvement



Sometimes we find the answers quickly, other times it takes a bit more research.  Whatever length of time it will take, you can be confident that we will thoroughly analyse what we have found, research the options from our wealth of knowledge and contacts, before coming back to you with feedback and a suggested solution.


If our initial recommendations meet your approval, we will then suggest and onsite trial which we will attend.  The purpose of this trial is to test the process and ensure it fits withing your production objectives and enable us to analyse the results and adjust the application where necessary.  By being present at the trial, we will be able to see what application tweaks are needed to get the best result possible.


Once you are happy with the initial trials, we would recommend a full production test with a trial order.  This will allow you to make the necessary changes in your production line, and, most importantly, get your operators trained up with the new system to ensure 100% engagement with the new way of bonding.  We will help you evaluate the results and make changes where necessary.


Our support doesn’t stop after your first order.  We are always at hand to audit and monitor your process and help iron out any problems which might occur in the future.  We are well aware that there are many parameters which can unwittingly cause the bond to fail, and we will help you keep on top of this, as well as keeping you up to date with new adhesives and application equipment.

Outstanding results can be achieved with a change of application method, rather than a change of adhesive.

From technical consultancy and bespoke formulations to production audit, training, contract packaging and private labelling, our range of services are designed to get to the heart of the problem and provide a solution that lasts. So, we are able to offer businesses simple solutions to even complex problems; increasing performance and effectiveness, without compromising quality.

Let’s get stuck in.

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