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Cascamite a Woodworking Legacy Revived by Ureka Global

Discover the power of Cascamite and its fascinating history.

In the woodworking industry, there are few things as satisfying as the moment when precision, craftsmanship, and timeless beauty converge to create a stunning piece of furniture. For generations, woodworkers across the United Kingdom have relied on Cascamite. With its rich history and unwavering commitment to quality, Cascamite has become synonymous with woodworking success. We are thrilled to have acquired the Cascamite brand. This acquisition marks a new chapter for Cascamite, as Ureka aims to expand its availability and reviving its consistency from previous decades…

To truly appreciate the significance of Cascamite’s revival, we must journey back in time to its beginnings. It all started in the early 19th century, by an American gentleman named Gail Borden. Gail is best known as the inventor of condensed milk. Gail had a number of occupations in his working life, he was a land surveyor a teacher and a newspaper owner. During his time as a surveyor, he served as the head of the Texas land office, where he prepared the first topographical map of the state. In the later years of his life, Gail passed on his expertise to his sons who in turn took ownership of his company which at the time was named the Borden condensed milk company. In the proceeding years, the company steadily grew and supplied a range of clientele including the US Army and grocery stores.
At the beginning of the 20th century, a gentleman named Arthur Milburn was the president of the newly named “Borden company” and he led a buying spree that transformed it into a multinational conglomerate. In just two short years The Borden Company bought more than two hundred companies and in the process it entered five new sectors, ice, cream, cheese, powdered milk, mincemeat, and adhesives. During 1929 the Borden company acquired the Casein Company of America, a small company which manufactured cold-water-soluble, water resistant adhesive from casein, a by-product of skimmed milk. This became the foundation of The Borden Company’s vast chemical operation.

The development team at the Borden Company used the experience and knowledge of the staff at the Casein Company to carry out research of their own, they came up with a new product called Cascophen. Casco is the brand name and phen for phenol. This was launched in 1937. Their mission was to create a versatile and durable glue that could withstand the rigours of professional woodworking while delivering faultless results. And so, the Cascamite brand was born.
The brand slowly gained momentum and built up a strong reputation for quality products and great service. As with any new venture it is not always smooth sailing. Cascamite faced numerous challenges, from market competition to evolving consumer preferences. However, its steadfast commitment to quality and reliability ensured that it became the go-to adhesive for discerning woodworkers. Yet, as the woodworking landscape shifted and new brands emerged, Cascamite’s presence began to fade.

Throughout the 20th century the brand changes hands twice before coming under the ownership of Ureka Global. Firstly it was taken on by Humbrol, a manufacturer of paints, solvents, and other accessories for scale model kits and toys. In the past, Humbrol produced toys under the following brands, Airfix, Sky Marks and Young Scientist. Then following the Humbrol ownership Polyvine took the brand on. Polyvine are varnish experts, selling high-end varnish, decorative finishes, wood oils and coatings. Developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.
At the beginning of 2023, the team at Ureka were given the opportunity to purchase the rights to the brand. Recognizing the rich legacy of Cascamite and its unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, Ureka saw an opportunity to breathe new life into the brand. With the team’s vast expertise and a deep understanding of the woodworking community’s needs, Ureka embraced the challenge of revitalizing Cascamite and restoring it to its former glory.

Here at Ureka, we have set out on a fresh journey to enhance the Cascamite experience, taking into account the evolving demands and preferences of modern woodworkers. We have meticulously analysed the formula, striving to retain the adhesive’s renowned strength and versatility while incorporating advancements that have made it even more user-friendly. The result is a reimagined Cascamite, poised to become the adhesive of choice for woodworkers across the UK and Ireland.
Ureka’s acquisition of Cascamite is not merely about reviving a legacy but also expanding its availability and creating a true value-add for woodworkers. Ureka aims to make Cascamite readily accessible to both seasoned professionals and enthusiastic hobbyists. With an extensive distribution network, including big name trade shops like Travis Perkins and Jewsons, Cascamite is never too far away. Not only is it available in bricks and mortar shops it is also available to purchase online. Many e-commerce sites stock the Cascamite range, and indeed, some of our other product lines.

As the sun rises on this new chapter for Cascamite, a sense of fresh optimism fills the air. Ureka’s acquisition breathes new life into the brand, ensuring that Cascamite is revived to become a cornerstone of British woodworking once again. By combining traditional practices with energetic innovation, Ureka is committed to deliver an enhanced Cascamite experience, perfectly tailored to the needs of today’s woodworkers. So, whether you’re a seasoned craftsman or an aspiring woodworker, join us on our journey of innovation and excellence with Cascamite and Ureka.