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Ureka Global are excited to announce that as of 2nd May 2023 we have acquired the renowned wood adhesive brand CASCAMITE

Ureka Global are excited to announce that as of 2nd May 2023 we have acquired the renowned wood adhesive brands; CASCAMITE, CASCAREZ and CASCAPHEN.

With over 80 years of reputation built up in the woodworking industry, the Cascamite family of brands have been the “Go To” wood adhesive for joinery, construction, and marine bonding applications.

For the last number of years, these brands have been owned by Polyvine, a reputable company specialising in wood coatings. Polyvine’s focus has been to strategically develop the wood coatings market, carving out a reputation for quality paints and varnishes to the decorating and wood finishing market sectors. Due to this focus, Polyvine took the strategic decision to divest the Cascamite and associated brands to a company who would be able to give the focus needed to build the brand again.

Ureka Global were chosen as the best company to build the Cascamite brand and the acquisition took place on 2nd May 2023. Building on its reputation in the wood industry, Ureka Global is no stranger to the Cascamite product. Specialising in veneering, laminating and joinery applications, Ureka have a full range of specialist wood bonding adhesives and have built a reputation of expertise in consultation, application and supply of wood bonding applications.

There are three key products in the Cascamite range of adhesives.

Back to the Cascamite you know and trust!

Cascamite: the original and best powdered resin wood glue. For over 80 years, Cascamite has been the “Go To” wood adhesive for joinery, construction, and marine bonding applications.

Based on urea formaldehyde resins, Cascamite is a powdered resin wood glue which is activated by adding water. An easy mix ratio of 2:1 by weight, means that Cascamite can be used in small quantities and on demand, thereby giving an extremely long shelf life when stored in its original containers.


Cascamite has been used for joinery, cabinetwork, and assembly gluing, particularly when small amounts of reactive glue mix are required or when demand is such that the use of a liquid adhesive is uneconomic. The setting time of Cascamite is fast but will allow an adequate working life for most applications using both hot and cold pressing techniques.

Stronger than the wood itself!


Cascarez is the ultimate fast grab wood adhesive. The exceptionally high solids content ensures that Cascarez is the fastest and strongest adhesive of its type. Used correctly it will bond most woods in 10 minutes and be ready to handle in 30 minutes. Bonds stronger than the wood itself in less than 2 hours! Suitable for all woods and joiner y, assembly of doors, window frames and furniture.


Extremely strong and 100% waterproof.

This super-professional, two part glue has been specially developed for waterproof exterior use and can stand continuous immersion in water. This glue is so waterproof – boat builders use it. Developed for the marine industry, this is the only completely waterproof adhesive that will withstand continual immersion in water. For use externally where extreme weathering will take place, including arches for bridge work, concrete formers, marine craft construction, bonding of preservative treated timber, bonding of difficult timber i.e. teak and Iroko.

Cascaphen is also fire resistant to class 0 rating and is used extensively for bonding difficult timbers such as teak and iroko where normal adhesives could fail

Ureka Global are excited in being able to add these brands to their portfolio and will be adding to this product range in coming weeks and months. Watch this space!