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Hints & tips on how to use Aro-Bond 930 D4 PU Gel Adhesive

Aro-Bond 930 is a one part, cartridge-loaded, solvent free, fast setting, moisture curing polyurethane, thixotropic gel.

Aro-Bond® 930 has been formulated for high performance water-resistant bonds between a wide range of materials.

The thixotropic nature of the gel prevents slumping and gives a level of gap filling to the bond. Aro-Bond® 930 has excellent adhesion to wood, chipboard, polyurethane, mineral wool, concrete, stone, bricks, gypsum boards and all traditional porous substrates and van be used in a wide range of bonding applications. Aro-Bond® 930 is ideal for all types of wood bonding and joinery, bonding wooden constructions, boats, jointing sandwich panels, and insulation as well as many other applications.

Watch how to apply the Aro-Bond® 930 D4 PU Gel Adhesive.