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Hints & tips on bonding with the Woodstikk D4 PVA Woodworking Adhesive

Woodstikk D4 PVA is a single component PVA wood adhesive with excellent water resistant characteristics.

Woodstikk® D4 PVA Adhesive meets the requirements of BS EN204 category D4 for water reistance, EN 14257 (Watt 91) for bond strength, and EN 14256 for creep resistance.

Woodstikk® D4 PVA Adhesive can be used for many woodworking applications where a high level of water resistance is required, and has been successfully used for hot and cold pressing applications in the manufacture of windows, doors, cabinets, furniture and surface bonding for laminating applications. Woodstikk® D4 PVA Adhesive can also be cured using radio frequency equipment.


Watch how to apply the Woodstikk® D4 PVA.