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Adhesive Insights: How to mix and apply Cascamite

Discover the recommended techniques for mixing and applying Cascamite powdered resin wood glue effectively.

Follow this simple video tutorial to learn how to mix and apply Cascamite powdered resin wood glue.

Step 1

Mix the powder’s resin with water, two-part glue one part water. Mix until it has a smooth texture.

Step 2

Application (method 1)
Once mixed to the required consistency pour into the Pfohl roller. Apply an even layer to the substrate. Roll over the adhesive again to work it into the substrate.

Application (method 2)
Apply the mixed resin to the substrate using a general purpose brush. Apply an even layer to the substrate.

Step 3

Then apply the veneer to the substrate. Apply pressure for the required time.

If you have access to a hot/cold press we would recommend the use of this for the optimum bond. If you do not have access to a press we would recommend using a heavy object similar to the surface area of the bonding area.

This tutorial is purely for the demonstration of Cascamite. Cascamite is not limited to veneering it also excels in the following areas exterior joinery, doors, gates, shopfitting, interior joinery, kitchens, worktops, bathrooms, laminating and windows.

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