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How to overcome issues with GRP bonding using premium silicones.

Hints, tips and recommendations on how to bond GRP using premium silicones.

Recently we have been testing a new premium silicone for a customer who manufactures GRP doors in the North of England.

The business challenge

The customer had an application that needed to withstand PAS 24 Intruder tests. Currently the customer was using a silicone that had passed the PAS 24 intruder tests on the majority of their window cassttes. The customer had encountered a problem however when submitting a door that contained 3 very small square window cassettes. These cassettes were considerably eaiser to break into, because of the rigidity of the material in such a small compact shape.

The Alansons solution

Alansons Industries tested and presented 3 different products that would be suitable, each of which capable of withstanding the PAS 24 testing. The customer decided upon using a silicone product for the majority of the GRP window cassette bonding, however decided upon using the Adtech 9300 MMA Structural Adhesive for the most considerable tests that were performed on the smallest window cassettes.

At Alansons, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke solutions for any application, taking away the complications for our customers and presenting a simple solution of the highest quality.