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MS Polymer vs Polyurethane

Why choose MS polymer instead of PU adhesive? Find out 9 fantastic advantages of using MS polymer adhesive over PU

Turfstikk PU 500 on its own page after the length knife – application images – Remove Water free, just solvent free

Activator slide after the PU500 slide then do the mixing tool

670 rotation brush – change image to bigger

after 670 brush slide – put in other brushes

-drag mat
– triangle brushes

End slide

The outstanding performance of MS polymer adhesive is recognised by industry professionals around the world.

And, as you can see by the list of benefits below, MS polymer demonstrates numerous benefits over other products commonly found on the market today. From stronger bond strength to excellent workability, here are 9 advantages to using MS polymer over PU:

9 fantastic benefits of MS polymer

  • Excellent UV resistance – doesn’t go brittle
  • Stronger final bond strength
  • Increased bond to smooth surfaces
  • No hazardous labelling
  • Permanently elastic, even at low temperatures
  • Good workability
  • No isocyanate or solvent
  • No shrinkage of cured product over time
  • More responsive to increased moisture in substrates