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What is the best adhesive to bond artificial grass to concrete?

A simple guide as to which adhesive is best for bonding artificial grass to concrete, and some hints and tips to ensure you get an excellent bond.

With many modern garden designs featuring both concrete and artificial grass surfaces, finding the right adhesive is key! It is a difficulty that many installers come across.




Turfstikk PU400 Grass adhesive: The PU400 grass adhesive is a offers a fast and effective bond. It is a single component polyurethane based adhesive with high water resistance. Perfect for smaller installations or grass maintenance and repairs.


Turfstikk MS100 grass adhesive: The MS100 grass adhesive is a versatile fast curing, hybrid polymer adhesive design for fast, clean and efficient bonding. It can be bonded to non-porous substrates including metals, fibreglass, timber, hard plastics, stone, concrete, bricks, plasterboard, ceramics, glass and many other substrates. It is best suited to artificial grass maintenance and repairs.


Installation Tips and Tricks


  • Clean the concrete surface thoroughly to remove any moss or algae buildup.
  • Ensure the concrete is completely dry, especially after pressure washing.
  • Apply weight during the curing process for optimal adhesion.


If you are bonding larger areas Ureka recommends using our all weather tub adhesive Turfstikk PU500. It offers exceptional bond quality and excels in both damp and dry weather conditions.


Turfstikk PU500 grass adhesive demonstrates exceptional bonding across different surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, or decking, ensuring consistently reliable adhesion across many applications.

All the best with your next artificial grass to concrete installation!


If you would like to try the Turfstikk MS100, Turfstikk PU400 or the Turfstikk PU500 for yourself, we would be happy to supply a sample, or a quotation to you. Please contact us on 0117 971 1364 or email us on