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What is the Best Glue to Bond Accoya Wood?

Discover Ureka’s expert product recommendations for bonding Accoya wood.

Accoya wood, known for its advanced acetylation process, exhibits unparalleled durability and resistance to rot, insects, and environmental elements. This makes it ideal for various outdoor applications, including doors, windows, decking, cladding, furniture, gates, garden rooms, and conservatories. However, its unique structure requires specialised adhesives to ensure effective bonding.


Recommendations for bonding Accoyawood


Prefere 4050/5750:


A fully weatherproof adhesive system, perfect for large laminated timber structures and heat-resistant composites such as fire-resisting doors. It offers excellent bond strength specifically for Accoyawood.


Aro-Bond 947 MCPU Adhesive:


This fast-setting, high-strength adhesive is ideal for various woodworking applications. It ensures a robust bond for Accoya, making it suitable for high-demand uses.


Aro-Bond 920 MCPU Adhesive:


Known for its exceptional weather resistance and durability, this adhesive is perfect for outdoor applications involving Accoya. It ensures long-lasting bonds even in harsh conditions.


Cascapur Fast Cure PU Wood Glue:


This adhesive offers quick curing times, high strength, and excellent water resistance. It’s versatile and effective for bonding various wood types, including Accoya, ensuring durable and reliable results.


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These adhesives cater to the unique requirements of Accoya wood, providing strong and reliable bonds for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you’re working on timber decking, wood decking, or any other Accoya products, these adhesives will help you make the most of Accoya’s superior properties.


Considerations When Choosing Adhesives

Avoid Certain Adhesives

PVA’s (Polyvinyl acetate) should be used with caution due to its weaker bonding strength on Accoya wood and extended clamp times. Melamine urea formaldehyde (MUF) adhesives should be avoided entirely for Accoya applications.

Testing Before Application

Always test your chosen adhesive on a sample of Accoya wood to ensure compatibility and performance. Consulting with your supplier for specific product recommendations and application techniques is advised.


Why Accoya wood?


Accoya wood is acetylated wood that has been treated to resist rot and withstand the elements for decades. Its treatment process makes it virtually rot-proof and insect-proof, reducing maintenance needs and making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications. Accoya hardwood and acetylated wood decking are popular choices due to their enhanced durability and stability.


Using these adhesives, you can ensure that your Accoya projects maintain their integrity and durability, maximising the lifespan and performance of this remarkable material.